Being in this industry has caused me as a person, business man, friend, husband, father, and partner, to mature very fast, and it has given me wisdom about the automotive industry and knowledge about the power of relationships and reputations.  On my office wall it says " take care of the customer, because someone else will!"  That being said, I have had many great motivators out there that have driven me to conquer any challenge, endure any trial, tackle any impossible task, be in the refiners fire, and........ appreciate it.  There are experiences in life that will help put steel in your bones, and if you always give your best, that steel will help you endure the trials, challenges, and persecutions that life will surely bring you.  I have had my own challenges to put the steel in my spine and teach me to endure.  One of those challenges was a man, and his name as referred to by himself and his other business partners so pompously was, BIG DAN.  He made incredibly arrogant statements, he was secretive, deceptive, he was a perception manipulator, and he was a bully.  Big Dan was a man that caused such great strife, conflict, and took upon himself a personal goal of destroying me and everything I had accomplished, as he had done many times before with those that would defy him.  A man whos pride and ego if ever challenged would become so vicious, he would not only destroy your business, but would pursue your entire life to its total destruction, ….because he had the means and the resources to do it.  After all it was a frequent bragging point for him.  Always touting his high powered attorneys and the examples he had made of those that left.  This is the meaning and symbolism to our Logo and the phrase "back from the ashes", like the phoenix. To this day, many still, even decades later have not recovered from this man and the ruin he left in their lives.  I hope and pray one day that they too find their phoenix and rise from the ashes that BIG DAN made of their lives.  I was completely destroyed once, and with prayer, family, and faith, I rose out of the ashes.  The experiences I had with that man and those associated with him will be the wind beneath the phoenix's wings,  the steel in this companies spine, to achieve any goal we set our mind to and to endure any challenge. One statement was in reference to anyone being able to establish a one stop shop, successful, functioning, and respected in this industry. He said and I quote,  " These people think they can do this, they think they can accomplish what I have done here,.......let them try it "  WOW- I thought in my mind, but remember pride always cometh before the fall.  That man was part of a company that focused more on the psychological and mental disposition of their partners than they actually did the trade in which they were engaged.  These were the hallmarks of a system focused solely on control and to purge any independent thought of their so called "be your own business owners", partners.  To think, I had planned to be with that group till my own old age and retire.  But, for me, there always had to be truth behind the purposes in which I was engaged.  No one can endure that level of persecution and remain forever.  Humility is the great teacher, and it will come without an invitation. All of us have had those experience to temper us, to cause us to improve and evolve. This was one of mine.  Even to this day those associated with that man know not who they serve.  Through coincidence and divine intervention I learned the story of BIG DAN going back some 25-30 years.     

With the launch of Mirror Finish,  I was faced with many challenges.  Just weeks into my very young business, my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  Even to this day her life is threatened by this horrific and scary disease.  I had an 18 month old baby with a crooked neck and spine.  I had no customers, and no reserves.  It was just me and my will to succeed.   Within the first year of its launch I had driven over 30,000 miles, because of certain market challenges, and the vicious vengeful nature of the previous organization I was part of before.  I was also without a compass and had no direction, I knew not where I was safe and where I was not, for I was refused that luxury by BIG DAN.  He would lay in wait to cast his snares and hooks later, for that was the man he was.  Scraping anywhere I could find a safe dollar to make, I did, and it was hard.  The hardest thing I had ever done.  But I had to succeed. my wife's life depended on it and my child depended on me.  With will, prayer, and determination,  we have dismantled the Gadiantons system of exploitation, and built a system that is true, with an eye singular to the love and care of its partners, the protection of their right to succeed, or fail. A system that DOES NOT CHANGE like a chameleon, and an iron clad commitment to the success of our customers.  We have built something unique, that DOES NOT exist any where else in this industry.  Money is an after product of what we do here at Mirror Finish.  Remember while some bleed green, our blood is as red as the iron in our bones.  

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President/CEO of Mirror Finish

Wesley Huff



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12430 Tesson Ferry Rd, St.Louis, MO, 63128

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