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Mirror Finish, Founded in 2009 By Wesley Adam Huff for automotive cosmetic reconditioning, is a company focused on one thing.  To create a reputation of excellence and a reciprocal relationship with all of our customers.


Over the decade long journey with an eye singular to the needs of the customer, I recognized that there did not exist a one stop shop company out there with any dedicated tradesmen. Sure they were attempting the one stop shop, but their people were employee minded, they had no concern for a reputation, and they had one guy trying to do everything, all the while that guy was only after one thing. . . . . a paycheck.  This attitude happens when a person truly has no control over their destiny.  I experienced personally some of the most deceptive reconditioning companies conceivable.  Not only were these reconditioning companies dishonest with their customers, they were dishonest with their own people and would even exploit them.  This reality turned me a little green. I seen with my own eyes the demand and need for a capable, honest, and worthy business partner in the cosmetic automotive reconditioning industry for dealerships, body shops, and all other types of businesses that were engaged in the restoration and sale of automobiles.  This reality sent me on a quest to fulfill that need. 

Since its launch, Mirror Finish has evolved. New leaders with extraordinary attributes and trade specific skills have joined, and together we have created the most advanced, professional, uniformed, and capable Cosmetic Reconditioning company out there.  We have an identifiable brand, lettered up vehicles, uniformed partners, appropriate stationary, and carry all proper insurances to indemnify our customers from any liability. 

Without the unique and dedicated partners of Mirror Finish, this dream would not be possible. We do not have employees, we have partners.  They care about their reputation because this is our baby.  We WILL become the industry standard in the Midwest and eventually the entire country for cosmetic automotive reconditioning.  We ARE the 1st company organized with dedicated divisions under one umbrella to provide a ONE STOP SHOP, the convenience of single billing, a central office that is very efficient,  and the expertise of master craftsmen who are dedicated to HIS/HER trade!  No more jack of all trades master of none. WE ARE IT! Click on the Mirror Finish logo to reach us!


This Division is an Elite group of partners.  Each new partner undergoes a rigorous 1 year apprenticeship, and then they are continually given advanced training.  We use the latest techniques, most advanced tools and are pioneering the industry in larger and extreme dent removal, as well as exceptional hail repair and deductible assistance programs.  


This is the premiere Alloy Wheel repair division in the market.  There is not a competitor our there that can touch our quality and the price we do it for.  WE do Clear coat restoration, curb damage, chunked rims, powder coat, cladding, and are currently developing and pioneering the 1st mobile wheel chroming system of its kind, which that systems availability will be announced soon. Bottom line, we are the most advanced recon company out there!

Click on the Mirror Finish Rims logo for this division!


We currently have partners with over 25 years of experience.  We have painted in all the elements, wind conditions, temperatures, and every other kind of nightmare that can test a good painter & body man. We will always give our customers clear expectations.  We mix to code on site, we use high quality PPG, and are EPA compliant.  We spot repair, do blends, paint panels, fix ripped and shattered bumpers, etc.

Click on the Mirror Finish Paint logo for this division!